The Jerome Cart.

"Nothing comes to be or perishes" instead, these elements suffer continual rearrangement.
Empedocles (490–430 BCE)


Reclamation is more than simply repurposing material. The reuse of components, constructs, and color unwaveringly prompts curiosity;

"What is the history of the recycled piece? Where has it been? Why is it no longer in use?"

These inquiries are symptoms of our obsession with the natural order and the passing of time.
Birth - Life - Death

Reclamation is the pursuit of immortality. As nothing is created nor destroyed, all forms simply become redefined. This applies to both the physical material of the piece and the intangible expense of energy exhausted in its creation. All Labor, time, and meditation poured into creating any form is still bound to it. Every change a form takes on edifies it. Amasses more history. Enriches it's story. Cultivates more wisdom.


"The strongest concrete resides in Rome"

"They just don't make it like they used to"

Some of it may be nostalgia, some of it may be scientifically accurate. As for concrete, that is the pure truth. Click here for more information. With age comes more time to cure. More time under compression. More time to season. With age we also show our scars, our wisdom, our resolve.

Clean Slate.

As we age we have the opportunity to redefine ourselves. We have the choice to weather and wither away, or season and grow strong. This is the choice of being reborn. Within rebirth and redemption we find solace in not giving in. Not growing old. We may choose to become reconfigured and reclaimed.


This is the philosophy behind the creation of four piece limited series The Jerome Cart. These cart bases were purchased at auction from the closing of Thompson's Woodcraft. Thompson's Woodcraft served the valley creating custom furniture for 47 years until it's closure in 2015. Now, the objects of beauty these carts once selflessly help create are the reflection it would see in the mirror.

Available exclusively at Pacific Resource Group