Working with us

Every composition is different. 
Each project requires thorough meditation.
Here’s the process… 


Correspondence | Consultation

Reach out to us with budget, specifics, dimensions, materials, intended usage, features… the list goes on. The more the better but feel free to lean on us for advisement. We have built a lot of fabrications and have learned a lot of hard lessons.


Qualification |Quotation

With the information provided we can quickly tell if we can hit you budget or timeframe. We pride ourselves in being flexible and could offer advisement or amendments to move the project forward. We like to speak in the language of yes.



Once pricing is agreeable we get to work whipping up conceptual renderings and construction drawings to ensure we are on the same page.

Gurneys Process132.jpg


Once the design and construction documents are signed off on you enter our production queue. There are a myraid of steps between the lumberyard and finish booth. All you need to be concerned with is the other facets of your project. We like being your last concern.

Gurneys Process168.jpg

Shipping | Delivery | Installation

We have forged trusting relationships with our freight lines, delivery services, and general contractors. We coordinate with them and pay them after we issue our final invoice to you.