β€¦Do we only work with the design trade?

- There is always an exception, but we are streamlined to work with Design Firms, Architects, and Business owners. This is to say, we can build anything, but are at our best when building full furniture packages. You, the client, reap the benefits of purchasing power, a consistent product, and only interface with us to meet all your needs.

... Is TruCollective just a general Woodshop?

- Our specialty is without a doubt Woodworking. We typically stay away from the use of veneers, MDF, and inexpensive hardware. Our focus is primarily genuine hardwood and steel fabrications.
- Every item we build is built to an artisan heirloom quality. Our clients are looking to make an investment, not simply have a transaction. We advise those looking for cabinetry to contact a specialty cabinet shop.  A cabinet shop is streamlined to process, assemble, and finish cabinets which can save you money and time.

... What is TruCollective Capable of fabricating?

- Well, given enough time and a large enough budget we could fabricate just about anything. Our in house staff and extensive vendor network can fabricate in just about any medium; steel, plastic, lumber... you name it.

...Why is the shop not open to the public?

-We welcome visitors! Put simply, we are not always here during normal business hours. As we are a very lean operation we lack a receptionist. The last thing we want is for you to make a trip, only to be disappointed by a locked door. Simply give us a call or email to schedule an appointment!