Any talented arrangement of musicians that form a group that moves + breaths + grows, must practice. A business must do the same. Day in and day out every member of the organization must show up, do what is required of them, and do it right. The monotony of this repetition can wear on the moral of the individual and ultimately the group. This wear may be tangible and felt by sore bones and tired muscles or this wear may be intangible. Wear precipitates frustration, aggravation, doubt, insecurity, and often may be the catalyst to a raft within the group. With this principle in focus, a group must aim to ease the pain of repetition. 

Kaizen (改善 ) - Japanese for "improvement". When used in the business sense and applied to the workplace, kaizen refers to activities that continuously improve all functions and involve all employees from the CEO to the assembly line workers.

To address monotony is to ease its wear. Through Kaizen, we optimize efficiency through minimized movement. This sometimes garners the need for more labor initially. Building gigs, mounts, sleds, templates, etc. However, the seeds sown in initial labor result in flowers of saved time due to efficiency. 


Mediation can be found in repetition. When the percussion and bass lock in, which is to say they are - in the pocket - in the groove - in sync - a sense of connection can be felt. This is the basis of all modern music as the audience finds comfort here. This is the basis for modern businesses as well. No business will grow in this space however. Improvisation is a must. Much like travel broadens the mind, often squashing prejudice and arrogance, improvisation is setting sail from well mapped shores.

Product development is our exploration. With each modification, design implementation, or medium change, we grow. We learn. We fail. We fall. We sleep. We dream. We awake. We arrive. To learn is to error. A Jazz musician employs the art of the accidental. Which may be a note that does not fit the regiment of the agreed upon key for the musical piece. This opens the door to experimentation within a musical composition. An Improv. Some musicians dig themselves into deep holes in solos, using accidentals and poly-rhythms that give the appearance of a lose of control. A talented musician resolves this loss of control, soothing the audience and coming out at the end better in his/her craft.


As with any and all relationships, the catalyst to success is cooperation. In music, harmony can be found in the laws of physics that govern this realm. This is a deep rabbit hole, and for the sake of simplicity , sound travels in waves. These waves have valleys and peaks that differ in the distance between one peak and the next. This is a sound wave's frequency. When multiple waves clash in a single confined space such as an office or workshop, either chaos or harmony can arise. In music, doubling the frequency of a wave would be the purist form of harmony. This is the octave.

Most music we encounter today isn't solely composed of octaves, but rather a rich lattice of commingling harmonies, textures, and soundscapes. Within our work place we correspond with different personalities, work regiments, creativity, worldly experience, the list goes on. This list goes on as we are dealing with other people. Individuals whose lives are just as rich and full of emotion as our own. Harmony may only be found through communication, honesty, and understanding. Talk. Talk it out. Talk it over.