We are proud to announce our newest inspiration.


This is a collection of photography by our very own An Pham. These photo's are married to hardwoods that are native to the location in which An originally shot the photo. What is to follow is only a few of his pieces (more can be found by clicking on his name) and a self reflective exploration into its marrow.

"Love is a canvas furnished by nature and embroidered by imagination."

Subject Matter.

A photograph. It's purpose to capture. Accurately portray that which is distant. Either in distance or time. It posses depth. Its edges disappear. It should breathe and be boundless. Appropriately executed, a photograph should enact a suspension of disbelief. You should immediately be teleported to this distant time or space. Einstein would rightfully argue there is no time or space, but rather a intertwined space time. His equations would come to define a cosmic speed limit. The speed of light. Nothing can travel faster than the speed of light. This is a bit off topic, but consider this; imagination in its infinite flexibility is edge-less. It can transport a viewer over great space and time. It inspires a grand belief in this journey. Which is to say makes it real.

A beautiful photograph can teleport us at greater velocities than the speed of light; to any location, any time, or any perspective.


A frame rigid and metered. A firm construct fabricated to hold the photograph. Often times its a forgotten aftereffect. Its purpose is purely utilitarian. An improperly executed frame could choke the subject matter. We see this as a great opportunity... Why should a form sit idly by. Recall our first post that Harmony is absolutely paramount to a cohesive piece. A frame that performs louder then the subject matter will drown out its subtleties. Perhaps a frame should act more a window. To be a porthole into another realm. Maybe this opportunity to support the piece could be more meaningful and act as a catalysis to enhance the subject matter.

In recent history the psychological scientific community has been looking into the "doorway effect." Daily you may walk into a room, forget what your purpose for walking into said room is and proceed to walk out frustrated. This study reveals that passing through any doorway is somewhat of a "Bookend" for memories. Sealing off the previous memory stream, and beginning a new dictation.  Perhaps a doorway could be constructed as a means to inspire enforcement of a memory.  To amplify a memories imprint.


To forge and embolden a healthy relationship. Unfortunately in many unhealthy relationships one entity is the focal point. Our goal is facilitate a brilliant piece of art with a podium that embellishes the subject matter. As with any healthy marriage, each individual could stand independent and be successful. It is within unity we find support. We find a better version of our self. We find selflessness, charity, and sacrifice.  Within CanvaScapes we aim to do just that. Find harmony with another. 

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Each Frame and Print is made to order and can be shipped nation wide. All content is an original composition.